Fade Into Focus


Since its inception, Fade Into Focus has always centered their combined passion for music and ministry on reaching out to both the saved and the unsaved.  Their goal has been, through their music and powerful and very real lyrics, to reach the “unchurched who think they are the church”, speaking to them through the music on a deeper level, unlocking the doors of hidden places of their hearts. 

With a focus on allowing a new body of worship to be established by awakening people’s hearts through the gift of music, they strive to lead others to the throne of worship.

Their mainstay has always been to listen first to what God is calling them to do, striving to hear God’s calling in their lives, focusing on what He wants and playing where God leads. 

The band members aim to live a life of humility, bringing a message of salvation and hope through their music and by doing so, unveiling true worship of God with their music as the vehicle, and the way they live, as their testimony.

Fade Into Focus longs for their music to reach all people, beyond generational boundaries, calling not only the un-churched to truth and freedom in that truth, but also calling the churched away from apathy.


For as long as they can remember, brothers Brock, Cameron and Preston Moreau have been making music together.

After Brock attended an Acquire the Fire event in Tampa, Florida, he felt the calling of God to attend the Honor Academy, where he was selected to be part of both the worship team and subsequently the ministry team.  This endeavor eventually landed him the lead role in the ministry drama, traveling and performing in front of thousands of kids weekly throughout the United States.

After performing at that level and seeing God move on a large scale, Brock came back with a renewed vision for the music he has always made with his brothers, and a desire to reach kids through a medium that speaks to their hearts, music.

With Brock on lead vocals and guitar, Cameron on vocals and guitar, Preston on vocals and bass guitar and the addition of Heidi Coleman on vocals and keys, Fade Into Focus was born and has been reaching hearts for Christ going strong for a year now.

With a passion to “reach the unchurched that are already churched,” the group focuses on breaking the mindset of what the church has been by pointing their music directly at the apathy in the church.

As Brock says, “The world is more in tune with themselves than the church is because they’re very real.  We preach love and we talk about love, but we don’t show it,” exclaimed Brock.    With lyrics that speak very strongly and with no apology for the boldness, the songs cut right to the heart of what we all struggle with.

On “OK With It,” the lyric “Love one another, how sweet, how cliché, That’s something so unseen even on Sunday, and I’m OK with it,” speaks profoundly of how as the church, we can speak of our beliefs, but fail so many times to act on them as Jesus commanded us to do.

Through its music and ministry, Fade Into Focus has a passion to change that and to bring the church  back from the apathetic state that it can so often find itself in, to a state where we realize the true sacrifice of Our Savior, and truly live in a way that is a reflection of that.